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Maria: Unfiltered
Welcome to Maria, Unfiltered the Podcast!

Welcome to Maria, Unfiltered the Podcast!

This is not a drill! Here comes the intro. 💖

Hello and welcome to the start of Maria, Unfiltered the Podcast!

I finally found the energy and the bliss of recording the introduction for the podcast. Honestly, I thought I would cringe at myself when I heard the recording! 🤣

Just a few quick notes:

  • There’s no fixed or regular schedule for this podcast since I want it to be a creative avenue — not just for me, but also for my collaborators. I don’t want to take the fun out of it!

  • If you hear a technical glitch, I’m still navigating and familiarizing myself with this tool that I’m using. If you have tips for me, please send them! I appreciate your help. 🥺

  • You can follow

    and go with her journey also. She’s the person that I mentioned in the introduction that inspired me to write — blogs, poems, and stories.

  • If you have topic suggestions or need advice on anything, you can send them to my email: You’ll remain anonymous, I promise!

  • I recorded this at almost 6 AM, Philippine time, just right after my shift!

Anyway, thank you for listening and reading until here. ✨


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Love and light ✨


Maria, Unfiltered
Maria: Unfiltered
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