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ADHD Diaries: Studying Canva and Other Things

What does ADHD let you do? It brings many things, including that creative push to do things!

Hi folks,

How have you been doing? ⭐

It’s been weeks since I last wrote, since a lot happened. By a lot, I mean so many, plenty of things. And, welcome to this hodgepodge of newsletters that I have.

With the right mood, and dopamine boost, ADHD brings many things like:

  • Hyperfocusing on new tools or courses that I’ve been trying to finish.

  • Budgeting and managing by time between my full-time job, and freelance work.

  • Ensuring that there’s enough Dakila time throughout the week, even while working.

  • Falling into the rabbit hole of exploring new things, updates, and keeping up with the industry trends related to SEO, content marketing, and digital marketing in general.

Life Lately 💖

  • Some weeks ago, two of my closest friends from college got married. I was part of their entourage, as I was a bridesmaid. It was so nice and heart-warming to see these two lovebirds conquer everything thrown at them, and win over those challenges. Furthermore, it was so delightful meeting new people, and seeing old people from my older version of myself.

  • I finally settled with a hosting plan with Namecheap that allowed me to reclaim back the power over my website. I decided to go with the Stellar Plus plan. Not only that, but I chose them to host my website because of my experience with their customer service. They genuinely care about their clients, and help them as much as they can.

  • I was finally able to train my AI intern to work like I do. It took a while, but it was worth it. I created a prompt that lets it do its job well. Not only that, but I can now delegate repetitive tasks, so I can focus on the more pressing tasks.

  • I’m currently fixated on drinking mango graham shake. It started last April when I got a taste of it from one of the stands in Farmplate, and continued up to the time I got back to Manila.

  • I was able to study the SEO side of my website, and apply new strategies that would boost its performance. I came up with a content plan for it, and slowly studying how I can bring the learnings to work.

  • Likewise, I finished the analytics course on Coursera, and continuing on the project management course. Not only that, but I applied for scholarship or financial aid for the last two courses under the digital marketing track, and looking forward to good news!

  • Wedding preparations may have finally begun, since we found a wedding planner and coordinator in Legazpi. It’s a good thing that J and I have discussed the theme, motif, and the size. We both want a small wedding, so for our long-distance friends, we are planning to have Zoom or Google Meet during that day, so they won’t miss it.

  • I’ve discovered so much in Canva. The video above is one of my creations ever since I discovered that it could be used to create reels for Instagram. I’m not a design professional, but this really helps me with my blog and social accounts.

What to look forward to? ✨

  • I guess I’ll be more active on my blog/website, and my social accounts. Through studying Canva, I’m able to repurpose my blogs into social media posts.

  • There’s going to be a new podcast episode coming soon. This time, I have someone to join me in the episode!

  • If you have blog topics that you want to read about or discuss, please let me know!

What I’m contemplating right now? 👀

  • I’m still considering getting Hamilton tickets for us, later this year. Though, there’s still no news if Lin-Manuel will be coming to the country. If he confirms, or he’ll come, I’d definitely get those tickets very soon!

  • Working from the office 🏢

  • Going back to full-time freelance 🤔

I guess, it’s time to share the latest blog post that I wrote:

5 Life Hacks for People with ADHD


What else?

I hope I’ll see you in the newsletters to come. 💖

Love and light,


Maria, Unfiltered
Maria, Unfiltered
Maria Redillas